Look to the Far East for bedroom decorating concepts and also you wont’ be disenchanted. Think beautiful hand carved furniture, embroidered tasselled bedding, printed cushions in luxe colors embellished with gold thread, handwoven rugs, and summary wall art. Well-travelled and complicated – even should you haven’t stepped foot out of your bed room. You don’t have to live in a lodge or cabin to get that trendy rustic bed room decor.

  • Long, luxurious curtains are lovely in a bedroom, in a thick materials that will really feel cosy in winter, maybe with sheer blinds behind to let the light in through the daytime.
  • Covering your window will allow you to add even more texture, color and pattern to your bed room.
  • Monogrammed shams impart a Southern sense of place on this luxe room.
  • In India, Vastu arrangements do maintain value and therefore you will get your room furnished as per Vastu norms to ensure prosperity, well being, and peace.

ACCESSORIES Plaster desk lamps, ‘Very Good Seconds’, by Viola Lanari, 50 x 10cm diameter; with cotton lampshades, ‘Bedwyn’ , 35cm diameter, £135 every, from Fermoie. Cotton oxford pillowcases, ‘Mariette’, £26 each, from Cologne & Cotton. Linen quilt (light blue/natural), a hundred and forty x 210cm, £390, from Once Milano. Early-nineteenth-century cotton cushion, 45 x 70cm, £140, from Katharine Pole.

Mina Starsiak Hawk’s House Reveal

The versatile pegs permit for flexible storage, which is in a position to guarantee every inch of area is useable. Bespoke wardrobes are the most effective approach to get probably the most out of your bedroom storage. Building wardrobes both side of the bed help to create a body which holds the gaze on that one wall. This allows the remaining walls to be free of any obstructions which will take up priceless space. Save money and maintain your room feeling cozy as ever by forgoing the mattress body altogether and placing your mattress in your flooring. Fill the space with completely different textures to create the bed room of your desires.


Give heritage designs, such as this ‘Honeysuckle & Tulip’ wallpaper by Morris & Co a new lease of life by pairing them with future classics. We love Thornam’s leather ‘The M’ headboard which neatly hangs from two hooks – it tempers the busyness of the wall-to-wall print. Soothing greens, greys and dusky pinks are go-to shades for good purpose. I’m undecided what I love most about this bedroom; the gorgeous mattress, the wooden beams or the yummy carpet. In mixture they create a transitional and heat room that still feels very chic and contemporary. The master bedroom is a stress-free hideaway with glamorous touches.

Embrace Delicate Textures

Maximize wall-storage potential with floor-to-ceiling shelves, as on this small visitor bed room by @classiccasualhome. Hooks and baskets break up the repetition whereas providing more sweet spots for bed room requirements. Whatever artwork you select, make sure it’s relatively relaxing and not too thrilling. Lively household pictures belong in the lounge, not in your personal sanctuary of a bedroom.

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